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What Size Cake Should I Order?

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

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Birthday Cakes

Here are some guidelines to help you choose the right size cake for your celebration:

Number of Guests: How many people do you expect to serve? This will be the primary factor in determining the size of the cake. Keep in mind that not all guests may have a slice of cake, so it's good to have a rough estimate.

Serving Sizes: My standard cake serving sizes are finger portions approx 1" x 3" . However, if you prefer larger or smaller portions, then you can size your cake up or down.

My cake sizes: My cakes stand at 7 inches tall, made from 4 layers of sponge and filled with your choice of filling and buttercream. My small size cakes are 5 inches wide and serves 10-12, , medium cakes are 6 inches wide and serve 25-30 and large cakes are 8 inches wide and serves 40-50 servings.

Tiered Cakes: If you are interested in a tiered cake, each tier can be a different size to accommodate different serving needs. The bottom tier is usually the largest, followed by smaller tiers as you move up.

Types of events and cake size recommendation

Intimate Gatherings:

  • Size Recommendation: Smaller cakes, such as the 5-inch wide option serving 10-12, are ideal for intimate gatherings. These occasions, like family dinners or cozy get-togethers, benefit from a cake that complements the warmth of the setting without overwhelming it. It ensures that each guest gets a delightful serving without excessive leftovers.

Birthday Bashes:

  • Size Recommendation: Birthdays are often a time for joyous celebrations with family and friends. For medium-sized parties of 25-30, a 6-inch wide cake strikes a balance between extravagance and practicality. It's large enough to make a statement yet manageable for slicing and serving in a party environment.

Grand Milestones:

  • Size Recommendation: Milestone events like anniversaries or significant achievements deserve a show-stopping centerpiece. A large cake, 8 inches wide and serving 40-50, adds grandeur to the celebration. It caters to a larger guest count while providing ample servings for everyone to join in the festivities.

Wedding Receptions:

  • Size Recommendation: Weddings are the epitome of grand celebrations. For tiered cakes, consider a bottom tier that accommodates the bulk of the servings, followed by smaller tiers as you move up. This tiered approach allows for versatility, ensuring there's enough cake for all guests, and the design creates a stunning visual impact.

Corporate Events:

  • Size Recommendation: Corporate events vary in scale, from small team gatherings to large conferences. Tailor your cake size to the nature of the event. For smaller meetings, a 5-inch cake may suffice, while a larger event might call for a 6 or 8-inch cake to ensure everyone has a sweet treat to enjoy.

Seasonal Celebrations:

  • Consideration: The time of the year can influence the choice of cake size. Winter celebrations, with their cozy indoor settings, may allow for a larger cake, while summer events might lean towards smaller sizes to beat the heat.

Remember, the perfect cake size is not just about the number of servings but about creating an experience that aligns with the atmosphere of the celebration. Consider the ambiance, the type of gathering, and the visual impact you want your cake to have, ensuring that every slice is a delightful addition to the joy of the occasion.

Ready to turn your celebration into a delectable masterpiece? Choose the perfect cake size to match your occasion.


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