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Top 7 Birthday Cake Flavours in the UK

Updated: Feb 21

Like everything to do with birthdays, the whole traditional side of birthday cakes has changed in recent years.

The designs of the cakes have become simpler, as well as much more elaborate. The choice of colours available nowadays is so numerous that it can be hard to choose from. Spend five minutes on Pinterest and you will get showered with ideas for birthday cakes!

Not so long ago, the typical birthday cake would be a Victoria sponge. More and more birthday cakes now have modern flavours, such as chocolate, or red velvet.

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So what are the top 7 birthday cake flavours?

Vanilla Birthday Cake

It is still around! A wonderful traditional choice for celebrations, favoured for its familiar taste and versatility. Its simplicity appeals to a wide range of tastes, making it a reliable option for gatherings of all kinds. From childhood parties to elegant affairs, vanilla cake remains a steadfast favourite among cake enthusiasts.

Chocolate Birthday Cake

Who doesn’t like chocolate cake? There is white chocolate, milk chocolate, praline, dark chocolate, you name it - it can be done! Chocolate is one of the most popular choices for birthday cakes. You can even go a few steps further and enrich the cake with orange, mint, strawberry or lime.

Lemon Birthday Cake

Lemon birthday cakes have become more and more popular over the past few years. The zesty citrus flavour is perfect for spring and summer birthdays. The cake is usually light, and not too rich. Imagine adding strawberries or raspberries to the mix! You will have seen different ice cream flavours, such as lemon and strawberry ripple! Imagine that in your birthday cake! 

Coconut & Lime Birthday Cake

Coconut is one of our favourite cakes! Whenever we go to a cafe, we seek out the coconut cakes! Our own birthday cake was half coconut too. Imagine combining a rich and creamy coconut birthday cake with a zesty lime filling… you will lick all your fingers!

Oreo Birthday Cake

A decadent delight cake, boasting layers of rich chocolate sponge filled with the irresistible crunch of Oreo cookies. Each bite offers a harmonious blend of flavuors, complemented by the creamy vanilla buttercream that binds it all together.

Raspberry and white chocolate

A raspberry-filled vanilla sponge cake is a symphony of flavours. Each layer is generously filled with luscious raspberry preserve, adding a burst of fruity freshness with every bite. The crowning glory is the smooth white chocolate ganache, which envelops the cake in luxurious richness. Elegant and indulgent, this cake is a perfect choice for sophisticated celebrations, where every slice is a harmonious blend of decadence and delight.

Fruit Cake

A fruit birthday cake is made with candied or dried fruit, nuts and spices and sometimes the cake is soaked in alcoholso that it can be preserved for longer. It has a very rich and dense texture and is a more acquired taste.

Combine your favourite flavours in your birthday cake

You don’t need your birthday cake to be just one flavour. If you’ve ever been to a birthday cake tasting you will come away with a big smile, crumbs in the corners of your mouth and undecided which cake choice to have for your birthday cake. So why not combine them? Many people have different flavours in their birthday cake. You could have a 2 -3 tier cake, the bottom tier in vanilla, for example, the middle tier in chocolate, and the top tier in lemon or something else. Any option is possible really!

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