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Custom Cakes in Perth, Scotland

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

Best Cakes in Perthshire
Modern Buttercream cake

My custom cakes are cakes that are specially designed and personalised according to my customer's specific preferences and requirements. These cakes are often created for special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, baby showers, and other significant events.

Here are some key aspects of custom cakes made by Cakes by Kirsten:

Design: Customers can choose the design, theme, and overall aesthetic of the cake. This may include specific colours, patterns, or decorations that match the theme of the event or the recipient's interests.

Flavour: My custom cakes allow customers to select the flavour(s) of the cake, buttercream, and filling. Popular cake flavors include chocolate, vanilla, lemon, and various fruit flavours.

Size and Shape: The size of the cake can be customised based on the number of servings needed. Additionally, customers can request specific shapes for the cake, such as my square sheet cakes or tall round cakes.

Anniversary cakes Perthshire Auchterarder
Autumnal Cake

Decoration: My custom cakes often feature intricate decorations, which can include Belgian chocolate sails, edible images, hand-piped designs, and other artistic elements. The decorations can be tailored to match the occasion and the customer's preferences.

Message or Personalisation: My custom cakes can include a name, or age topper of the person celebrating the occasion. This adds a unique and meaningful touch to the cake.

I work closely with my customers to understand their vision and create a cake that aligns with their expectations. The process often involves consultations, where details such as design, flavours, and other specifications are discussed. As a result, custom cakes are a popular choice for those looking to celebrate special moments with a unique and personalised cake.


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